NJ Science & Engineering Festival.



October 13 & 14, 2012

10 am to 5 pm


Clifton High School

333 Colfax Avenue Clifton, NJ

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We are proud to host the
RoboFest 2012 Robot Competitions & Exhibits

at Clifton High School

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FIRST World Championship Tournament Robot Demos
On Saturday and Sunday, two of the New Jersey FIRST Tech Challenge Teams that advanced to the FIRST World Championship in St Louis will be hosting this exhibit.

FIRST Robotics Challenge
  FIRST Robotics Challenge: Join six high school robotics teams (NJ, NY, PA) as they compete with their five ft, 120 lb basketball playing robots. Teams will explain the mechanical, electrical, and programming involved in designing and fabricating these award winning machines. Students are given six weeks to design and fabricate these machines before they compete locally and globally. Go one on one with the machines.

Information on Robotics Programs & Scholarships
FIRST personnel will explain their continuum of robotics programs and describe the advantages of team participation including the many scholarship opportunities.

Mechanical Mustangs
  Mechanical Mustangs: Clifton Robotics, founded in 2010, has been competing in the FIRST Robotics Challenge (5 ft, 120 lb robots). Last season, their graduating seniors were awarded over $800,000 in scholarships and awards for leadership, academics, and robotics. At Rutgers, the Mechanical Mustangs earned the Xerox Creativity in Engineering Design Award for thinking outside of the box and creating a robot who tips over to fit into a thin L-shaped space instead of the large rectagular footprint it takes up while driving. Create a button to take home or build a model in the LEGO build area.

Junior FIRST® LEGO® League - Livingston Robotics Club 2012 SUPER SENIORS CHALLENGE
Visit our JrFLL teams. This FIRST program captures the inherent curiosity of children (6-9) and directs it toward discovering the wonders of science and technology.

Our FLL teams (ages 9-16) learn real -world application of science and math concepts. Hear about their research projects and their robotics competition experience.

Clifton Robotics LEGO Build Area
•Design, Create and Assemble in our LEGO Build Area!
•Young people can have a seat and a window of time to let their creative thoughts flow.
•Make robotic, or not-so-robotic, creations. Dig in! Piles and piles of parts to use.

FTC Driving Zone
RoboFest will include a FIRST Tech Challenge “Driving Zone”. Young robot enthusiasts can motor a Tetrix robot around a tournament field, moving game pieces for the highest score of the day.

On Sunday, Exit 5 Robotics, a third year FLL team of eight girls from Livingston will host this special activity booth.

This demo is named “Danica 2” in honor of IBM’s Watson from Jeopardy and Stanford’s Stanley autonomous car.

Maker Bot Demonstration
Imagine an extremely accurate, programmable glue gun which starts by drawing a picture of the first layer of your object in plastic. It then raises up and draws the next layer. When all the layers are complete, you've manufactured a 3D object. Pretty cool! Check it out!

BAE Systems - Robotics Application
This Defense Contractor will exhibit and explain the use of ground and airborne robotics in the development of its communications equipment for the military.

Bomb Squad Robot
Another Real-Life Application: The Passaic County Sheriff’s Department will bring their bomb squad robot to the Festival and explain its use in saving lives.

NJIT - Robotics Technology Projects
NJIT was one of the first Universities to support the inaugural RoboFest in 2010. They populated three booths with some very interesting technology at time. We look forward to this year’s presentation.

Among the exhibits will be a "Design Well“ which has been developed by one of the students.

DeVry - Robotics Technology Projects

Electronics Engineering Technology Project: Pool Monitoring and Control System
By: Mario Avenoso, Nicholas Wruk, Joshua Silar, and Glenn Sitar

Biomedical Engineering Technology Project: M.I.N.C. Vest – “Putting the pieces together for a better way of life”
By: Mike Vitale, Ionela Sabaila, Nicole Bushey, and Conrad Pirog

Stevens Institute of Technology - MOBILE SCANNING ROBOT FOR 3D

We are delighted to welcome Stevens Institute of Technology as a RoboFest exhibitor for the first time this year.

Stevens will bring along the mapping robot that has been developed by their Engineering students.

NJIT – Formula Racing Car & Team
Car is designed, partially manufactured, assembled, and raced by engineering students at NJIT, competing worldwide against over 100 other colleges/universities. Exhibit includes CAD displays of it’s design, design equations, and component analysis.

US Air Force F22 Mini Raptor

Kids can experience the thrill of sitting in a fighter jet cockpit, inside the Air Force Mini F22 Raptor. Other Air Force Military exhibits and material will be presented as well.

Moonbots – Interactive Exhibition
Moonbots is an international Google X PRIZE sponsored robotics challenge for age 9 to adult to promote interests in a new era of lunar exploration.

Over 200 teams from 16 countries enter this competition. The top teams are given a 7.5 ft x 1.5 ft LEGO moonscape to design an autonomous robot to complete a set missions within 3 minutes, while transmitting a live video from the robot during the competition round.

Clifton Robotics has organized a demonstration of these large and impressive FRC robots. They will be playing the official FIRST “Rebound Rumble” Game.

This is a great opportunity to see many of the best teams in the area show how their robots use vision systems and some topnotch programming to shoot baskets like the most accurate NBA Star.

ZeroRobotics MIT / NASA Project
Come to check out the satellite control simulation project. Storming Robots students, the sole team from NJ in the 2010 ZeroRobotics competition, wrote algorithms for the SPHERES satellites to accomplish tasks relevant to future space missions.

Come to meet the Robogals exhibit from Columbia University! Student volunteers visit schools to introduce girls to engineering through robotics workshops, and presentations about what engineers do and the difference we make in society. Robogals have chapters in Australia, UK, USA and Japan.

  Commitment to provide a demonstration has been received.
Watch this location for photos and descriptions of the exhibit.

  Commitment to provide a demonstration has been received.
Watch this location for photos and descriptions of the exhibit.