NJ Science & Engineering Festival.

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NJ Festival Mission

The USA has a crisis brewing. Many of us believe that the USA needs to get more young people interested in science, engineering, and technology, choosing technical careers, becoming assets to industry, and developing new industries if we are to continue to function and grow as a viable country. It appears that the general population is less interested in science than ever before, and they have a minimal understanding of technology.

The Festival, which will be similar to those staged throughout Europe and Asia, will be a great way to get people of all ages excited to experience a wide range of state of the art science and it’s practical application. We hope to revitalize and re-invigorate our country by doing this, and make the USA more competitive in the Global Economy.

This will NOT be a classic "Science Fair" that is geared towards highly technical research projects that would bore most people. It is totally FREE TO THE PUBLIC, and is designed to be EXCITING, FUN, INSPIRATIONAL, and educational, to be enjoyed by the public and people of all ages - including students of all grades, from elementary school through college and graduate programs!

The Festival can best be thought of as a "Worlds Fair" of science and technology, with different exhibitors providing many types of exhibits for all different types of people, with different levels of interest, education, understanding of science and technology. There will also be lectures, live music, theater, and other forms of live science entertainment for the masses, as well as the aviation and aerospace exhibits at Essex County Airport (Caldwell Airport) to display the importance of General Aviation.

Many of New Jersey’s Nobel Laureates, leading scientists, industrial and education leaders, and possibly an Astronaut, who are anticipated to attend, should make this a phenomenal event. Exhibitors from major Industries - including biotech, life science, high technology, robotics, electronic, automation, aeronautics, defense, etc. are expected, as well as representation and exhibits from several Universities, Museums, Institutes, Government Agencies, Science Centers, and Professional Societies are expected.